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Goechala Trek is known to be one of one the most famous adventure treks of India. The trek starts and ends at Yuksom West Sikkim.

 It is a high-altitude trek, also known as Goechala Pass trek. The unique thing about this trek is going to his 3 viewpoints: Dzongri Peak (Daphla Gang), Dzongrilla pass and Geochala Viewpoints. All these vantage points offer breathtaking views of the mountain landscape.

About the trek

Dzongri Lookout offers panoramic views of the snow-capped Himalayas. The enchanting scenery of Kanchenjunga, his third highest mountain in the world, is the main attraction of Gochara his trek. Behind a popular short trek in Sikkim known as the Dzongri Trek.

Why to do the Goechala Trek?

The natural beauty of the Goechala Trek cannot be described in words. This article briefly describes the charisma of this trek. We are not romantic poets or literary figures. One word draws you into a fantasy world.

 But I guarantee you one thing. When you finally reach the observatory, what you see there brings tears of joy to your eyes. Consider the entire Gochara Trek package the perfect adventure destination. Every day of trekking will be a beautiful memory and experience of your trip. The Goechala Trek route takes you into a world of beautiful scenic changes.

The views of nature

Its stunning natural scenery makes the Gochara Trek the king of Himalayan treks. As such, today he is one of Sikkim’s top biodiversity hotspots.

 This trek takes adventurers from tropical to temperate to alpine climates. The trekker starts at an altitude of 1,780m and reaches the highest and coldest point in Sikkim at around 4,600m. Trekking in Goechala His map allows trekkers to trek through dense, lush rainforest. You will encounter pristine streams and raging rivers. In addition, there are tranquil lakes along the way, Lake Lakshmi and Lake Samity.

 Finally, face the breath-taking snow-capped Himalayan gigantic peaks, including Mount Kanchenjunga, his third highest mountain in the world.


The best season for Goechala trekking is October and November. These months are the most recommended seasons for trekking in the region. The rainy season has just ended in October and November. The weather will remain clear and cloudless. The Himalayas are always cold, but temperatures are moderately tolerable.

Where and how does the Goechala trek start?

 Goechala trekking route starts from Yuksom West Sikkim. So, the first task is to reach Yuksom on foot one day before the start of the trek. Yuksom is a town in western Sikkim. It occupies an important place in the history of Sikkim.

 Yuksom is the site of the coronation in Sikkim. Sikkim, formerly an independent kingdom ruled by a monarch, became her 22nd state in the Commonwealth of India on May 16, 1975. Visitors can still see a replica of the stone throne on which Sikkim’s first king, Phunshok Namgyal, was sworn in. 

Yuksom was the first capital of Sikkim. Not only is it a great place to start the Dzongri Goechala trek, but it is also a great place to learn about the culture of Sikkim. Yuksom is full of affordable homestays and hotels that welcome visitors with open arms. Important checklist before coming to Yuksom

About Yuksom

Yuksom does not have an ATM. So, if you are from NJP/Bag Dogra please make a withdrawal in Jorethang. Passing through Jorethang, there is no extraction point. Do not rely on ATMs on your way to Jorethang. If you come from Pakyong or Gangtok, please withdraw in Gangtok. 

  • As you follow the Goechala Trek route to Yuksom, the network signal disappears. Stuff and Tshoka have certain points where you can build a network. 
  • But it requires a lot of searching and patience.
  • So far, Vodafone, Airtel and Jio are Yuksom’s trusted network service providers. 
  • We have heard rumours that the strength of the geonetwork has manifested itself.
  • At the highest elevation of the Geochala trekking route.
  •  Yuksom Vodafone internet speed varies between 5 and 8 Mbit/s. 
  • In the evening it can be unreliable. Jio and Airtel are reliable for calls and basic browsing.  
  • HD video streaming may not work well. 
  • Don’t expect free Wi-Fi when staying at a homestay or hotel in Yuksom. 
  • Because so far, Yuksom doesn’t have the best fibre optic network solution.
  •  Highlight Features This stunning Goechala Trek has a few key highlights.

They are: –

 The trek starts from Yuksom, so here trekkers have the chance to explore the culture of Sikkim and its rich traditions. At Yuksom, hikers find wooden fences along the trail.  Secondly, during the trek, trekkers will be amazed by the mesmerising peaks and lush green meadows of the famous snow-capped Kanchenjunga. 

As you climb, you will be left with a green landscape at the foot of the mountain. The beauty of Kanchenjunga in Yuksom is so magnificent that hikers can spend hours just looking at it. 

With this Goechala trekking, trekkers can see the mesmerising Mount Pan dim, Mount Kabul and Mount Rohtang. Finally, all nature lovers will love the Goechala trek, which consists of multiple destinations celebrating the best of natural beauty.

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