Zendaya Maree Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Husband, Sibling

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman is an American actress, singer, and designer. She gained worldwide fame by starring alongside Tom Holland in the movie Spiderman. Homecoming”. But there are other worthy works in the filmography of the girl.

Who is Zendaya?

The Actress Zendaya was born in 1996 at the beginning of September and born in California to a family that has nothing to do with cinema. The girl was in love with the theater since childhood. She often attended a variety of performances and took part in rehearsals. She was the daughter of a theater manager.

But Zendaya Coleman did more than just attend the performance. He also performed in various productions. In addition, the girl managed to get into the student theater program. Once she received the certificate, she entered Auckland’s art school.

In Zendaya’s creative biography there was a place to work in the theater. Shakespeare. For several months he performed on stage and honed his acting skills. Then work was going on at the Conservatory of San Francisco.

Film Career

Zendaya Maree Net Worth
Zendaya Maree Net Worth

Zendaya’s creative biography began with a model catwalk. As well as starring in commercials, the actress participated in fashion shows. Then, during one of the shows, the producers spotted the girl. “Dance Fever” is the first project in Zendaya’s filmography.

A few months after her debut on set, Zendaya Coleman received an offer to work with Disney. He agreed. And after some time the film “Shorn Friends” was released on the screens. Zendaya herself performed some of the soundtracks for the project.

World fame for the talented girl came after the release of the film “Spider-Man”. Homecoming”. Tom Holland, who played the main character, worked with her on the set. Actress Zendaya appeared before the audience as Michelle Jones. A film about a superhero’s adventures also features our heroine.

Zendaya's filmography
Zendaya’s filmography

In Zendaya’s filmography, such projects as “The Greatest Showman” and “Euphoria” should be highlighted. In the near future, the Doon project will be released. Zendaya has collaborated on motion pictures with stars such as Jason Momoa, Dave Batista, and Rebecca Ferguson.

In addition to filming movies, Zendaya continues to release music albums and perform in various TV shows.


Zendaya was in a relationship
Zendaya was in a relationship

Personal life Zendaya immediately became interesting to fans after the release of the movie “Spider-Man”. homecoming”. There is friendship.

Zendaya was in a relationship with singer Trevor Jackson even before meeting Tom. But this relationship lasted only 4 years. The reason for the separation remained unknown. According to rumors, the actress met with athlete Odell Beckham and artist Adam Yrigoyen. But this information remained unconfirmed.

After the release of the multi-part project “Euphoria”, there were rumors that Zendaya and Jacob Elordi were dating. Journalists have already taken a huge number of pictures in which the actors are together. And they look happy at the same time. There are also rumors that Jacob has already met with the actress’s parents. But the actor himself had said in one of his interviews that he treats Zendaya like a sister.

Zendaya Coleman tries not to talk to reporters about her personal life. The actress carefully hid all her relationships. She did not comment on the rumors of an affair with Jacob Elordi.

Interesting Fact

  • During her school years, Zendaya Coleman often performed in various productions. One day she had to play the role of a boy.
  • Zendaya is not only an actress but also a singer. She composed several compositions that were later used as soundtracks for films. In 2013, the actress released her own music album.
  • In the creative biography of Zendaya, there was a place for the television program “Dancing with the Stars”. He made it to the final stage but never won. In the TV show “America’s Next Top Model”, the girl was invited as a judge.
  • The girl has a pet – a dog named Moonlight.
  • Actress Zendaya does not eat meat and plays sports.
  • Zendaya is not only an actress but also a designer. She plans to start her own clothing line. In addition, the girl also writes books.
  • Zendaya has Instagram. She regularly uploads a variety of pictures, which pleases her many fans.

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