Why should you choose pink gold engagement rings

Gold comes in three basic color ranges like yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Among these three alternatives, after yellow gold, rose gold is getting popular these days due to its unique hue. The rose tint in the gold is achieved due to the addition of other metals like copper, silver, etc. Apart from the fashion trend, there are really many pros of choosing the rose gold ring for your engagement. The rose gold is further classified into three categories like red gold, rose gold, pink gold. The red gold uses the maximum copper content, rose gold has the less addition of copper compared to the red gold. Another variation is pink gold, and it uses the least amount of copper in the gold compared to other alternatives of rose gold. Read further to know the reasons why should you choose pink gold for your engagement.

Natural warmth

Pink gold looks warmer compared to other colors of gold. It is the only metal that comes with this unique hue. That is the reason most of the brides are choosing pink gold for their engagement jewellery. The unique color of the pink gold engagement ring makes the bride stand out in the crowd. Unlike white gold, pink gold does not have the necessary for rhodium plating.

Vintage look

As pink gold looks very warm, it goes well for all the vintage engagement ring styles. For the styles that have many vintage details like art deco, art nouveau, pink gold is the apt option. If you love the vintage theme and if you are planning your engagement in a vintage fashion, then choosing the pink gold Engagement rings in Hatton Garden would be a wise choice.

Less price

The color of the pink gold comes from the addition of alloys like copper, silver, etc. The 18-carats pink gold contains 75% of gold, 20% of copper, and 5% of silver. The percentage of the addition of metals other than gold impacts the price of the jewellery. So choosing pink gold not only keep you up with the trend but also saves you a lot of money.

Suits all skin tones

Pink gold suits both cool and warm skin toned people. The yellow gold is soft as is not having other metal inclusions like other color gold jewellery. Pink gold is harder than yellow gold due to the addition of metals like copper, silver, etc. That is the reason we prefer pink gold for engagement rings that have diamonds in them. The hard nature of the metal makes it easier to hold the diamonds and all other gemstones tightly in the long run.

Compliments all gemstones

Apart from diamonds, other precious stones also go well with the pink gold. Hatton gardens engagement rings have gemstones like pink sapphires, morganite, kunzite, rose quartz, etc., in them. Pink gold also blends with other colors of gold as well. A solitaire ring with the tri-color band, Flower themed engagement ring with the different color gold, a tri-color twisted band, Celtic gold tricolor bands are some of them.