How should you take care of Swarovski Glasses temples?

Temples are the most crucial component of eyeglasses. You cannot wear eyeglasses without temples. Besides, fitting any pair of Swarovski glasses based on temples and enjoying wearing them for a long time.  Let’s look at everything you should know about eyeglass temples!

What are temple arms?

When you get a pair of prescription glasses, you’ll observe temples. Eyeglasses are crafted with various elements like bridges, lenses, and significant temple arms.

So, what are eyeglasses’ temple arms? They are the extended “arms” that connect to your frames and range from the hinges to the end of your ears. They are typically made of plastic or metal. Their crucial function is to fix your glasses in one place on your face.

 Temple’s arms differ in length, and they have a great impact on how Swarovski glasses frames perfectly fit your face. The length of the temples can range from 120mm to 150mm.

Styles of eyeglasses temples

Temples are categorized into five major types. Let’s define them one by one.

Skull temples

The skull temple style is more traditional because you can observe it on the majority of sunglasses and eyeglasses. By bending down around and behind your ear, skull temples hang onto your glasses in one place on your head. They can be easily adjusted and modified for maximum comfort.

Library temples

 Library temples or straight-back temples are generally straight and support the specs by pressing against the head side. This temple style typically begins with an average width at the end of the ears and extends toward the frames.

Convertible temples

This temple type can use for a variety of purposes. It seems to be a straight line without any alterations. However, the convertible temples can be bent to change from one shape to another. In other words, you can turn convertible temples into library or skull temples.

Riding bow temples

The riding bow temples have long-lasting and thin ends that wrap around the ears. These temple ends to wrap around the ear and touch the ear lobe. They are more commonly found in kids’ glasses and safety glasses. However, they have a disadvantage in that riding bow temples are harder to remove.

Comfort cable temples

Comfort cable temples and riding bow temples have some similarities. They are ideal for children, active people, and users who wear high-prescription Swarovski eyeglasses.

Comfort cable temples are well-known because of a spring cable of coiled metal that is sometimes wrapped within a silicone or plastic sleeve. The stiffness of the curl and length of the temple can be adjusted while allowing a perfect fit to the back of the wearer’s ear curve.

Swarovski eyeglasses

What materials are used in the manufacturing of Swarovski frames temples?

However, every material has its own unique style and varies in degrees of comfort according to individual users. So, choose wisely while buying prescription eyeglasses.

Plastic and polymer temple arms

Temple’s arms are designed with plastic or acetate because they are popular choices in this group. These are versatile and cost-effective that is ideal for everyday use. They’re comfortable and simple to clean.

The main disadvantage of these materials is that they are not as resilient as metal and can break easily. You can determine which materials are ideal for your requirements and lifestyle by consulting your eye care provider.

Metal temple arms

Eyeglass temples can be designed from a variety of metals. The included materials are aluminum, silver, and gold with along beryllium, titanium, and stainless steel.

While metal temples have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. For example, Titanium is more lightweight and non-allergenic than other metals. Gold is a more elegant option, but it is obviously costlier and not durable as stainless steel or aluminum.

Metal is usually the preferred material for temple arms because of its corrosion-resistant and malleability.

Other materials for temple arm

Materials are unusual for temple arms because they are not commonly found on the market. The reason for unique is that temple arms Swarovski prescription glasses can set you apart from the crowd, provide uniqueness, and thus usually comes at a high cost.

Natural materials like ivory, leather, and bone are prime examples. If they are expensive, it does not mean they are more durable. The higher price tag is because of their distinguished appearance. Temple’s arms are one of the most vital aspects of one’s eyewear. Now you can confidently explore a pair of prescription eyewear that fits your style, needs, and measurements.

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