French Wedding Practices

Traditionally, French wedding traditions commence before daybreak. In earlier times, brides moved far to meet their particular new husbands. Today, family and friends help decorate the bride. In Bengali traditions, the new bride is considered to be an psychological and mental health moment.

Traditionally, the brand new bride wears a cotton saree. Her hands and toes are designed with henna absorb dyes. She is also given Dubyo leaves and a fresh piece of dhan pradan. Completely then smeared with a reddish colored herbal dye known as Mehndi.

Over the eve of the wedding, a pre-wedding meeting is held with family members. Following discussing dowry, to start a date is set with respect to the wedding. The groom and bride in that case leave pertaining to the groom’s house. Their family fits them soon after that evening. A massive party is held to welcome all of them. Guests who all lavish gifts on the bride are after that treated.

On the second time of the marriage ceremony, the star of the wedding and groom will be welcomed having a lavish banquet. They are also invited to attend a big reception party hosted by the groom’s family. That is called Bou Bhat in Bangla.

The first meal of the new couple is referred to as Bou Baran. The groom’s family sends gifts to the bride’s family on the celebration of boubhat. This is synonymous with love and affection.

Following the international dating for filipina women feast, the couple is welcomed in to bangladeshi women the bride’s house. Aarti is performed by the bride’s mother. She therefore blesses the groom. A phool-sajya is conducted. This means “a foundation of flowers” and is element of the tatta that may be brought by the bride’s family.

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