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DrChrono is a digital health technology company based in the United States. Its main offerings include software and billing services. It also offers Web-based apps and cloud-based services. The company also provides revenue cycle management. Its software has numerous advantages, including HIPAA compliance and Customizability.


DrChrono EMR is a cloud-based EMR with mobile applications. It lets physicians schedule appointments, share notes, and communicate with patients. The application also integrates over 4,000 labs and diagnostic centers and supports billing profiles and tasks. The program offers security and compliance, and exceeds HIPAA requirements. It uses encryption and two-factor authentication to protect patient data. It also undergoes regular security audits.

DrChrono’s Telehealth is another feature that can help physicians improve patient care. The HIPAA-compliant software lets physicians schedule virtual visits with patients. They can also send automated emails to patients. Both providers and patients can use DrChrono Telehealth without additional software or a complicated set-up process.

DrChrono’s EMR can integrate with the Stitch application, which lets doctors post real-time notifications from the EHR to their practice chat room. Mobile devices are also supported by the system.


DrChrono EHR is customizable to the needs of your practice. Its features include custom vitals, dynamic photo charting, and lab integration. It even has support for video visits, which allows you to treat patients on the go. The mobile app supports iPad, iPhone, and web access.

Using DrChrono EMR, users can access patient information from anywhere, at any time. This helps ensure that records are always up-to-date. This EMR system has pre-made forms for multiple specialties, and you can customize the forms to fit your practice’s needs.

DrChrono also allows you to customize the workflow for specific appointments. For example, you can add a patient’s preferred lab provider, insurer, and VIP status. You can also customize the scheduling feature by entering custom fields. The scheduling tool also allows you to set realistic time blocks.


It is easy to integrate DrChrono EMR into your practice’s workflow and is a fully integrated EMR system. It’s designed to be intuitive to use with features such as charting shortcuts and customizable templates. The software is also mobile-friendly and supports e-prescribing and lab ordering.

DrChrono is extremely user-friendly, particularly for small healthcare organizations and new practices. Eight consecutive years have seen it ranked as the top mobile EMR. Its practice management software makes it easy to automate routine tasks, which will give you more time to spend with your patients.

The usability of applications is often dependent on the user’s working environment. To determine if it was available to different roles, we analysed an iPad version of drchrono. Twelve users representing three roles were observe while interacting with the application. Participants were given scripts to add a problem and locate a test patient.

DrChrono EMR is a cloud-based platform that integrates electronic health records (EMRs), patient management, and billing. The platform has a robust API, allowing healthcare IT developers to integrate it with other applications and services. This helps to distinguish it from competing all-in-one EMR solutions. Additionally, DrChrono’s API lets it integrate with other mobile apps and devices.

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Revenue cycle management

DrChrono is a leading EMR software provider that has introduced new features to improve revenue cycle management. The new features increase cash collection, minimize denials and reduce days in accounts receivable. The new revenue cycle management software module also helps doctors manage their billing workloads and provides weekly reports and business intelligence insight. These new features are designe to help doctors save time and energy on managing the billing process.

DrChrono is a cloud-based platform that serves over 13,000 providers in a variety of medical specialties. The platform provides integrated EMR/EHR software, practice management, revenue cycle management, and payment acceptance for physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations. Additionally, it supports telehealth and medical billing and is mobile-first, which means it is optimize for mobile devices.

DrChrono’s software features a revenue cycle management module that helps doctors optimize clean claim rates. It also has tools for reducing human error and automating workflow parts that detract from efficiency. These features make billing easy and accurate, improving the bottom line.


A doctor may send a prescription directly from one pharmacist, even for prohibited medications.

Medical Billing

Verify the insurance coverage of your patients before you provide care.

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Customers love DrChrono because they have access to all of its features through the iPad App. Customers also love DrChrono.

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