Custom Shipping Boxes- Should You Go With Kraft or White Boxes?

How does your packaging affect the first impression that customers get of your company? The answer to this question might be surprising: It’s a lot more important than you think.

In fact, it can make or break whether or not people want to buy from you. If you want to attract new customers and keep them coming back for more. Then it is vital that your boxes reflect professionalism and quality. Custom shipping boxes are quickly becoming one of the most popular options for emerging businesses. They provide both functionality and an aesthetically pleasing look.

  • What is the difference between Kraft and White boxes?
  • Which type of box should you go with for your business needs?
  • Pros and cons to each type of box.
  • How to get custom shipping boxes for your company?
  • Final thoughts on which type of box is best for your company’s needs.
  • What are the benefits of each type of box?
  • Which type is better for storing items long-term?
  • Which one should you choose for shipping products to clients?
  • How to select a size that’s right for your needs?
  • Tips on how to create custom printed boxes with logos or personalized messages.
  • Why packing peanuts are usually not recommended, and what can be used instead.

The kraft boxes industry is constantly changing. Gone are the days of traditional brown boxes and bulky kraft paper. Today, many companies are turning to custom shipping boxes for their products. The question becomes, should you go with white or kraft?

There are benefits to both types of packaging. It ultimately comes down to your preference. In this blog post, I will discuss some pros and cons of each type so that you can make an informed decision about which type is best for your business.

What is the difference between Kraft and White boxes?

Kraft boxes are more eco-friendly. Kraft papers are made of natural fibers like wood pulp and cotton, which make them 100% recyclable. They also tend to be slightly less expensive than white or bleached cardboard.

They require fewer treatments during the manufacturing process. The downside of using kraft paper is that it may not be as strong as other types of packaging materials. This means the package might not protect the product when shipping over long distances.

White corrugated boards are better than brown boards because they don’t get wet or break as easily. If you put heavy things in them, the whiteboard is stronger.

Which type of box should you go with for your business needs?

The short answer is that it depends on what you are shipping and who your customers are. If the product is shipped over a long distance, kraft paper might not hold up well enough to protect it. If you need something very sturdy for heavy items, the whiteboard may not work either since it isn’t as strong or durable.

The longer answer is that if strength isn’t an issue for whatever reason. Then choosing between corrugated boards comes down to comparing prices and environmental impact. Whiteboards typically cost more but leave less of a footprint than brown ones do because they can be recycled more easily.

Brown boards made from recycled materials tend to cost less than whiteboards but may not hold up as well during shipping, which means you’ll have to pay for replacements on a regular basis too. They also need extra care when recycling since they aren’t processed as often, and some recyclers won’t take them at all due to their mixed composition.

There are many other factors that come into the mix regarding your choice between kraft paper boxes or whiteboard ones, such as how long it will take before your company needs custom packaging if you’re just starting out, etc. So there is no one size fits all answer here, unfortunately!

Pros and Cons to each type of box

They are made of an inexpensive material (brown paper) that is easy to recycle. Plus, the pulp used in making them doesn’t require any bleaching, which reduces their environmental impact even further.

The brown color can give your product packaging a less than appealing look when compared with whiteboard boxes. People might not want to buy something that looks like it was made from old newspapers. People like clean-looking packaging without colors and patterns.

How to get custom shipping boxes for your company?

You can purchase the boxes from box makers who are in your area, or you can order them online.

The best thing you can do is go with a company that has experience in making custom shipping boxes. They have done it more, so they are better at it than other companies. Make sure to ask questions about how long the process will take because I know it’s one of my pet peeves when someone gives me an exact date for something but then doesn’t deliver on time!

What should things be considered before ordering custom packaging?

Think about what size box would work best for your product. Make sure to measure twice before cutting once (or punching holes). If possible, try making mockups using cardstock or paper. You can get free samples from some companies to do this before you place your final order!

Get a color that compliments your product packaging and brand but doesn’t steal the show. Remember, you want people to notice what’s inside of it more than anything else on their retail shelves.

Suppose you are not sure about how colors work together yet – no worries. There are tons of articles out there for learning things like color theory right at home in case you don’t have an art degree.

In the summer, you can use light-colored boxes to send your products. This will keep your products from getting hot because of the sun.

What are the benefits of each type of box?

The advantage of Kraft paper boxes is that they are affordable and easy to assemble. In addition, these boxes can be recycled, whereas other materials cannot be recycled easily or at all.

In contrast, white corrugated box material offers a smooth finish which makes printing your logo on it easier than with kraft paper boxes. Also, the finished product looks more professional when compared to custom-printed kraft shipping boxes.

Another benefit of using this type of packaging is that you receive 25% more cubic space in comparison with similar-sized brown kraft packages. When you make custom boxes for your products, most people think about cardboard or plastic. But I will start by talking about the benefits of using custom printed kraft boxes. One major advantage is that they are less expensive and lasting.

Which type is better for storing items long-term?

That makes them good for when people ship products to their customers or when they need to store heavy items in a warehouse. Furthermore, because they are brown and blend in with any environment, these cardboard containers are perfect for marketing. You can print your marketing messages on them.

If you’re going to sell a product online, then white corrugated boxes are better than kraft paper boxes. This is because the white looks cleaner and more professional. If there is no branding on the box itself, then people will find it easier to find your product.


Get the best kraft paper boxes from custom packaging manufacturers usa. The color of your box can have a big impact on the customer. It’s important to think about what you want to achieve with your packaging when deciding which type is best for you.

Maybe you want to use white boxes or kraft paper for your company. You can use white boxes if you want an upscale, luxury feel.

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