Best Part-Time Job You Can Do In Your Free Time

Part-Time Job

A majority of the human population is in constant search of a part-time job that will bring in easy money. You are not the only one, my dear friend. But, I understand. At times, it gets really difficult, to fit regular expenditures within the salary that your full-time job, offers.    

Not just that, but sometimes the money is so limited that anything apart from the necessities seems like some distant dream to you. The need for money can arise anytime. 

When a family member gets diagnosed with a terminal disease, when you have loans to pay, soon-to-be parents, the list of reasons can go on and on. 

However, this article does not deal with the reasons, as to, why you need extra money. Instead, I am here to provide you with some of part-time job ideas that will help you make some easy money. 

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The Part-Time Works To Do In Your Free Time

The prerequisites for a part-time job?

*An academic degree of specialization- you do not need one.

*Any part-time job will offer you with, flexible working hours. 

*No commitment.

*You can start working after minimal training. 

Things to remember while looking for part-time jobs:

*What is easy for you cannot be easy for someone else. Pick jobs depending on your potential. 

*Some jobs will require certain specialized skills. However, it may not academic. 

Here’s presenting some of the popular part-time job options that you can consider during your free time. 

1. Working In A Reputed Grocery Store

One of the first options to cross my, yours, and everybody else’s minds. All you need to have, is cordial behaviour, a basic understanding of the products that are available at a grocery store, lots of patience, the ability to fast calculation, and last but not least, a smiling face.

Remember this is a customer service store. Therefore, you have to at your best behaviour throughout the day. You can approach any grocery store for this job. The job roles include salesperson, cashier, and individuals responsible for the loading and unloading of cargo. 

Not comfortable with the above roles? There’s one more that you can avail. A grocery shopper. Someone who shops for other people in exchange for money. 

Pick according to your preference. Charges per hour might range somewhere around $9-$16.

2. Watch Ads Using ‘Eehhaaa’ App

Among the plethora of part-time jobs, you can earn money simply by watching ads. Yes, you‘ve heard that, right? Just by watching ads. 

You can earn upto $9.98, per ad.

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3. Virtual Assistance Service

Post-pandemic, virtual assistance services have been thriving across the globe. The work mode is primarily remote. The job role is of an administrative professional who provides business owners or anyone who is busy assistance with a wide variety of jobs.

Eg: The services might include ticket booking in VRBO or Hotwire for your clients. 

There are many consultancies that will help you connect with these people. All you need to have is good communication and management skills. 

If you work through a virtual assistant consultancy, you can expect your wage to range somewhere around $12-18 on the basis of an hour. While, as freelancing virtual assistance, you can earn somewhere around $20-40 per hour. You can demand more in case of specialization. 

4. Tutoring

Tutoring is considered to be one of the most popular part-time jobs. The skills that you need for this job include, you to have a general idea of all the subjects or specialized knowledge of a particular subject.  

There are different avenues that you can consider while tutoring. You could either opt for subject-wise tutoring or grade-wise tutoring. 

You can either start as a freelance tutor or connect with consultancies. And you can earn an average of $20 dollars per hour.

5. Pet Sitting

Is playing with dogs your passion? Guess what? Now you can earn money by just playing with other people’s pets and looking after them in their absence. More like babysitting. 

You can start off by creating your profile on a pet sitting portal, after a successful registration. Add your specializations, breed preferences, animal preferences, whether a pet owner or not, list of services, price and schedule.

This will help you locate your customers easily. Your wage can range somewhere around $1000 or more, on a monthly basis. 

6. Inspections Service

There are multiple situations where companies, employers, as well as consumers need the information to be verified. Hiring an inspection service will make these jobs a cakewalk. 

You can either perform it manually or online, with technological assistance. Your wage might range from somewhere around $18 – $200.  


Now that you are aware of the most popular part-time job ideas, it will be somewhat easier for you to proceed with one. Of course, on the basis of your comfort and specialization.  

However, if you have got some other part-time job ideas that you would like to share with us, be a guest in our comments section. We’d love to hear back from you.

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