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You’re a serious athlete who wants to gain long-term muscle mass, increase strength, and get leaner while getting bigger. However, you are also a parent, a student, an employee, and have other responsibilities, and time always seems to be the biggest impediment to progress in the gym, a bottleneck that has been limiting you to hitting the body’s muscles in a satisfactory manner and making big muscle gains.

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Your issue is not unique. Most of us have a few good weeks in the gym where we can hit each major muscle group for 45 to 60 minutes for 3-5 workouts. Then “real life” takes over, and we find ourselves missing workouts and skipping entire body parts, resulting in training imbalances and a loss of symmetry. Let’s take a look at a full-body workout that you can use to train all of your muscle groups at a high enough level to build new muscle mass and strength in far less time than you might think.


Begin with a quick warm-up set. Increase the weight of your work load and aim for 8 to 12 slow, controlled repetitions. You can train to the failure point by using a Smith Machine. You’re only doing one major work set for quads, so you can really push them on this one. If you have more repetitions in you, keep pushing yourself.


You will complete one set after completing a warm-up set. This exercise will work your back, glutes, and hamstrings. Maintain slow and controlled repetitions, and work to really push yourself with some heavy repetitions. Again, you’ll want to aim for 8 to 12 repetitions.

Bench Press

It is now time to focus on the chest, with the shoulders and triceps providing secondary support. After thoroughly warming up the chest with a light set, you will complete one all-out work set of 10 to 15 repetitions with a fairly heavy weight. Use a spotter to ensure your safety, and never leave the last repetition on the gym floor. Push yourself! Buy Pain O Soma Online is used for muscle injuries, acute back pain, short term associated discomfort, painful musculoskeletal conditions and other medical purposes along with rest and physical therapy.

Barbell Row

The deadlifts targeted the lower back and glutes. It is now time to focus on the upper back, shoulders, and traps. Perform one warm-up set with a moderate weight. To ensure good repetitions, progress to the work weight and complete 8 to 15 slow and methodical repetitions with intense concentration. By bending your back at the strongest point of each repetition, you can get rid of the biceps and make that mind-muscle connection. 

Standing Barbell Press

It’s time to focus on the shoulders and upper back, and no exercise is more effective than the standing barbell press! After completing a brief and safe warm-up set, you’ll be ready to lift the barbell. Use a little less weight than you’d like to ensure safety, and aim for 10 to 16 repetitions with this movement.


No workout is complete unless a heavy compound movement is used to annihilate the triceps. Warm up with a single set before tackling your triceps with a set of EZ bar skull crushers that are safe, slow, and controlled. A 10 to 14 repetition range is ideal.

Biceps Curl

No workout would be complete without biceps work. Warm them up with a light set before moving on to your preferred biceps curl movement. Standing barbell curls or standing alternate dumbbell curls are both excellent options. Aim for 10 to 18 slow, controlled lifting repetitions.


Collapse after your half-hour of agonising training… and then begin your crunches!Attempt 100 repetitions. It is acceptable to stop a few times to reach your goal number. They will become easier to complete with each passing week. To look and feel good, as well as to avoid injury, you should keep your core strong and tight.

Your workout will be limited to these eight work sets. Each work set will also include an 8-rep warm-up set with half the weight you’ll be using for your main workout. Schedule this workout for a time when the gym will be less crowded, as reserving a station for some of these exercises may be difficult at 5:30 p.m. on a Monday, for example.

You should try to push each set as close to failure as possible. You’re not doing a lot of repetitions, and you’re not training for very long. As a result, you should make every effort to ensure that each set is productive. You are only training for 20 minutes of this 30 minute workout, so you can go all out without fear of exhaustion, as would be the case with a much longer workout.

Remember, you can always go back to your more traditional full-body workouts. When summer vacation arrives or work becomes less hectic, you can return to training each muscle group on its own day for a nice sixty-minute workout. Most of the time, a higher volume is the best way to fill muscle groups with blood and encourage new muscle growth. 

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