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If you have a sweet tooth, you may have heard about Sun mango, Buddha shaped pears, and Ruby Roman grapes. these are Asian fruits. These exotic fruits can set your grocery budget adrift. But did you know that the Yubari King melon is the most expensive fruit on the planet? If you have erectile dysfunction problem then must try Kamagra 100.

Sun mango

  • Miyazaki mangoes are grown in the Miyazaki region of Japan. They have a flaming red colour, egg-like appearance, and 15% sugar content.
  • The average mango weighs around 350 grams, and the mangoes can reach 900 grams. They are then exported around the world.
  • Sun mangoes can cost up to $22 each in Japan. These exotic Asian fruits are cultivated exclusively in the Miyazaki prefecture of Kyushu.
  • They have a sugar content of 15 percent and must weigh at least 350 grams. so that, The process of growing these mangoes is labor intensive.
  • Growers in Japan suspend the mangoes in small nets in a climate-controlled greenhouse. so, This allows the mango to get adequate sunlight and grow in a cooler climate.
  • morever, This exotic fruit is the priciest. A single fruit can cost upwards of AU$65. The Miyazaki mango is the most expensive mango variety in the world.
  • It’s grown in several Asian countries, including Thailand, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. In Japan, it is regard as an honour to grow this fruit, and is sold for AU$65 per fruit.
  • There are limited quantities available, and bookings are essential.

Buddha-shaped pear

  • Xianzhang Hao of Hebei province developed a mold for the Buddha-shaped pear and is now selling it for nine dollars a pop.
  • According to the farmer, the pear’s shape was inspired by a Chinese myth, in which if one ate a Buddha-shaped fruit, it would grant the bearer immortality.
  • but The pears can be found in markets around the world, and are one of the most expensive Asian fruits.
  • Buddha-shaped pears are among the world’s most expensive Asian fruits. The Buddha-shaped pear is a naturally round fruit grown in a mold.
  • The mold is made by a Chinese company, the Fruit Mould Company, which also creates odd-looking shapes for other fruits.

Ruby Roman grapes

  • Ruby Roman grapes are famous for its beauty and flavor. so that, They are very sweet, low in acidity, and have almost no bitterness.
  • They also have a unique fragrance. These grapes are primarily meant to be eaten straight off the vine, not cooked. you should try best ED remedies like Vidalista 20
  • To make them more valuable, they sell in small quantities.
  • Until recently, fresh fruit was considered a luxury, but these days, fruit is cheaper. Some Asian fruits are incredibly rare and expensive.
  • For instance, a pineapple grown in the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall, England, can cost as much as $15,000 per pineapple.
  • However, pineapples grow poorly in England, which is why these fruit is so expensive.
  • Other fruits, like Densuke watermelons grown in northern Japan, can be very expensive, ranging from $250 to $6,000 a bunch.
  • Ruby Roman grapes are a rare, luxury fruit.
  • They can cost anywhere from $11,000 for a single bunch to thousands of dollars per kilogram. In Japan, the grape is grow by hand.

Yubari King melon

  • A kilogram of the Yubari King melon can cost as much as Rs 20 lakh. It is so expensive that it is only sell to the super-rich.
  • The fruit is not grown outside Japan and is not even commonly serve at restaurants. Nevertheless, it remains in high demand among the rich in Japan.
  • The fruit is only grown in greenhouses and is protect by a geographical indication.
  • Yubari melons are so expensive and they are grow under strict conditions to guarantee their premium quality.
  • The fruit must be perfectly round with no scarring, and it should have a smooth rind. In addition, the melon must have a distinct aroma.
  • It takes 100 days to produce one melon. The fruit is then carefully selected before it is marketed.

Shirou Houseki strawberry

  • The Shirou Houseki strawberry is one of the best-known and most expensive fruits in Asia, with a price tag of over $10 per piece.
  • Japanese consumers seek out this rare variety because of its luminous white color and larger size than normal strawberries.
  • The strawberry can grow up to 50 grams in length, and is available for a premium of 1080 yen per piece.
  • The producer, Tejima San, carefully selects strawberry varieties to maximize the production of anthocyanin, the antioxidant which gives fruit their color.
  • The result is an intense fruit that is larger and sweeter than ordinary strawberries.

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